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[Version 5.x] Release Notes - E-Brida 5.11

Change Type

The biggest change in E-Brida version 5.11 is the expansion of the current "change type" functionality. Whereas previously, it was only possible to change the type and/or parents of a Pedigree Item in very few cases (crosses, seedling selections and externals were allowed to be changed only when crossgroups were not used), it is now possible to change the parents and/or type of almost any Pedigree Item, even with crossgroups enabled. For a detailed explanation on the possibilities and restrictions, read more here!

(In)direct Parents

In E-Brida, especially in reporting and label design, you might have come across the terms direct and indirect parents. These terms refer to either the (direct) parents of a cross or, in case of a selection made from that cross, its (indirect) parents. Additionally, there is an extra field for the Selection Pedigree Item types called "selection from".
These terms were generally perceived as confusing, so we tried to simplify this in version 5.11. From now on, there will only be a Mother, Father and Selection from field, which show the parental information at all times.
This means that parents from selections will now correctly show up in E-Brida Field, as well as on reports and labels. 

The reports and label data sources were also expanded by adding the following columns:
  1. Mothers' mother
  2. Mothers' father
  3. Fathers' mother
  4. Fathers' father
We urge everybody to modify their reports to no longer use the "Indirect mother/father" columns since they will be removed from the data sources in a future version.

Other changes and features

While the biggest changes in version 5.11 are mentioned above, a lot of smaller changes have been made to improve E-Brida. These changes are categorically listed below.


  1. Pollinations made in E-Brida windows that do not have associated parent plots will now also show up in E-Brida web when looking at the pollinations for a specific pollination plan.
  2. When setting the parent plots of pollinations, the harvest dates, end date, and group code of the parent plots will now be visible. These columns are now also available in the observation and design tabs of the polination plan.
  3. While adding plots to a seedling propagation trial, the number of plants per plot can now be governed by a property value.
  4. Fixed a bug where, in rare cases, plots could end up with identical plot numbers in a single trial.
  5. Plots and Pedigree Items in inbred trials and pollination plans will now be created by E-Brida using the same logic. This means for plots in Inbred Trials the parent plot columns are filled. In the Pollination Plan the From Plot, From Trial and related fields are filled, when at least a mother plot is assigned to the pollination.

Cross Design

  1. Group Code and End date are now available as columns in plot cross designs.
  2. Stock columns are now available as columns in plot cross designs.
  3. It is now possible to filter a Pedigree Item cross design based on a Pedigree Items' presence in a trial.
  4. Users can now search by location when selecting trials for the context information or cross design.
  5. Fixed a bug where reverting a cross to a precross would unintendedly downgrade the selection it was made with to its original subplot.
  6. Fixed a bug when setting some text codetable values withing the cross design.


  1. The photo import now also shows subplots.
  2. Seed lots can now be imported in pollination plans
  3. Greatly increased the number of allowed characters for Pedigree Items in the Pedigree Item import.
  4. Fixed a bug where not all properties from a selected property set would be included in an observation import file.
  5. Fixed a bug where the use of ##delete in an observation import would sometimes lead to failed imports.

E-Brida Field

  1. Generation is now abbreviated to Gen. in the footer.
  2. Stock is now also visible for main plots in the footer.


  1. Administrators can now always access the user, client, function authorization, and license screens, even when license limits are exceeded.
  2. Admins can now be authorized for "no crop". This means admin functionality will be available without using a license.
  3. Fixed a bug where the creation of context information required unnecessary authorization.

Background Processes

  1. Improved robustness of the photo reconsolidation.
  2. Improved robustness of property reconsolidation and recalculation.

Other small features and fixes

  1. The Inbreeding coefficient is now available for every E-Brida installation and does no longer require R services.
  2. The topological order of the pedigree has been added as a column in the Pedigree Book
  3. Company integer or decimal codetables can now be used in "convert property".
  4. Pedigree Item scope properties have been added as ancestry number items.
  5. Added a shortcut to E-Brida web in the pedigree Book in E-Brida windows.
  6. The variety_old field will now be filled automatically when creating clonal selections in the Pedigree Book.
  7. Improved performance of opening the report list and the edit report dialog.
  8. Improved performance of some datasources.
  9. Improved context information loading times.
  1. Fixed a bug where using wildcards in the F3 filter would not always yield the expected results.
  2. Fixed a bug where setting a codetable value in E-Brida web would sometimes lead to a crash.
  3. Fixed a bug where slashes or backslashes would result in unintended folder structures inside the zip-file when exporting trial photos.
  4. Fixed a bug where clonal selections or seedling selections could only be made when the doubled haploid Pedigree Item type was active in the crop.
  5. Fixed a bug where crossgroups would not be assigned the intended name in rare cases.
  6. Fixed a bug where a calculated property using dates would not yield a number of days as an outcome.
  7. Added a new API scope, which allows the user to define exactly which trials, properties, and dates external systems have access to.

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