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Welcome in the Knowledge Base!

What is it?

The knowledge base is a library of articles to help you to learn or get a reminder about the functionalities.

Articles type

The information is presented in a different type of articles:
  1. What is
    1. This article is meant to help you to know and learn about key topics. It helps you to remember what it is and how it works.
  2. How to
    1. The article is generally short and uses mostly a screenshot. The topic is very specific. It helps you to remember the key steps and points to take into account
  3. Tip & Tricks
    1. Here you get lots of information to do things better, easier and simpler.
  4. Release Notes
    1. For every new version, a Release note is available. In this article, you can read about the new functionalities and the improvement of the new version offers.
  5. Manual
    1. This article is generally long and is meant for you to get instruction on the topic and understand how it works. It is the version of the user manual about this topic specifically.

Good to know

Table of content

Under the article's title you can find the articles table of content. It is useful to navigate through the article's content.

Search in the knowledge base

On the top right part of the knowledge base screen is there a search icon: . It will allow you to search on terms across every article.

Enlarge the images and screenshots

The images and screenshots can appear in an enlarged version in a pop-up window. When you click on the image/screenshot the window will pop up.

Export / Print

It is possible to export and print the articles. At the top right of your article screen you can find a printer: . It will open for you a printable version of the document. 
At the end of each article, there are related articles listed. Click on the article hyperlink (highlighted in blue) and it will open the articles.
In the articles, there might also be other articles recommended. Click on the article hyperlink (highlighted in blue) and it will open the articles.

Like / Dislike buttons

Let us know what you think of the articles by using the Like and Dislike buttons at the end of the articles: 

New articles overview

The list of new articles is to be found here: List New Articles.


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